Activities Not For The Faint Hearted

Bungee Jumping

The VIADUCT CULAN registers as one of the most beautiful site of bungee jumping in France.

Jumps are performed in an exceptional setting, facing the majestic castle Culan (12th century). " it is as if we jumped into a postcard ! "

Specialists acivités wilderness our reputation and expertise have been recognized for more than 20 years already.

This viaduct 55 meters has all the advantages of bungee jumping:


- Greatness and beauty of the site 
- close to shops and hosts 
- picturesque Viaduct closed to vehicles

Team ANTIPODES promises unforgettable moments safely. Application of AFNOR and ministerial regulations.

For the holidays, a anniverssaire or other think to offer a gift voucher! valid for one year on all our dates.


Culan viaduct is located near Bourges in the village of Culan. Coming from Paris. Through A71, take exit 8 (Saint Amand Montrond), then join Culan by D 951 and D 997 From the South (Clermont), take exit 10 of the A71 (Montlucon ), then join Culan by D 943.

PRICES 2014: Individual: 50 € from 6 to 15 people: 45 € + 15 persons: 40 €


                             Formula 2 jumps to the same person: 70 € (1 st forward, the second back) 


Viaduc de Cluis    

We are not the most beautiful, the strongest, the best, but surely you will live a unique moment. The team, represented by Alexandra Franck from a university degree in physical education and sport, offer you the thrill safely.

Situated on the edge of the Massif Central, Cluis (36) is a village of a thousand inhabitants which is less than an hour from Bourges. 
Viaduct Cluis (36) which is one of the few sites offering jumps many advantages for the practice of bungee jumping but you apprécirez:

-Beauty Site

-Viaduct near downtown

Viaduct-for vehicles

1-5 jumpers € 50 
6-10 jumpers € 45 
11-15 jumpers € 40 
More than 15 jumpers € 35.


Flights and first air balloon in Berry.

We invite you to the most wonderful time aboard our friendly platform and suite with a capacity of up to 3 people.

Space Flight, let yourself float in the wind and discover the Berry as you did ever seen. Beyond the dream, we suggest you fly Berry, you can see here, the nature full of life. Let us guide you in the wind by flying altogether.


  • from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014

    MINIMUMMAXIMUMFull adult fare€ 120.00€ 350.00

French Skydiving School ( Le Blanc 36)

A day, a weekend or internships, try jumping solo in the traditional way ... or try tandem skydiving. 

 The skydiving center aims to support step by step, members of all levels come divided in the center, this common passion for skydiving.

Tandem jump at the beginning helps to discover the joys of a free standalone fall, until confirmed practitioners and seasoned competitors, the skydiving center is  first intended to be a school.

Beyond learning the sport, ambition VET White is first and foremost be a place where beginners and experts share their knowledge, their feelings, a place where respect for others and support are essential.

Volunteering  plays a central role and is the key to success.It is with this mindset that the center has acquired recognition and its current reputation, making it one of the pillars of the paratrooper training in France.


  • du 08/02/2014 au 07/12/2014 : from 08:30à 12:30 de 14:00 à 18:00
  • Everyday

MICROLIGHT Flying - Reuilly 36

 Just make your baptism microlight and fly over the castles and vineyards of Reuilly. Club ULM AZUR affiliated FFPLUM practice all forms of ultralight flights and the new hangar 400m2 has available seats for commuters ULM - multiaxis - Gyroplane -. Paramotor 
Open year round, call for an appointment for baptisms 


  • from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014

    MINIMUMMAXIMUMFull adult rate1 first flight between 15 and 20 minutes
    € 40.00

Try Flying your own Plane - Vierzon

Discover by air forest Vierzon, Cher, canal, and tourist points. 
A moment and unforgettable sensations everyone ... 
We offer different tours and flight time.

Individual rates:

- 1 person flight 20 minutes: 40 euros 
- 2 people: 50 euros 
- 3 people: 60 euros

Rates groups, associations, works councils: inquire

Appointments - book a flight: Contact the team: 02 48 75 12 87

Did you like it, you want to learn?

No anxiety, it is a dream for everyone ....

Accompanied by a qualified pilot, get an introduction to flying an airplane 
while enjoying the air ride .

Tarif: vol 30 mn: 90 euros



Valley Anglin is lined with limestone cliffs suitable for rock climbing. Examples include the cliffs of the Dube (28 m), Rives (set of blocks 10 to 25 m), Roc aux Pigeons or Guignoterie located between the towns of Mérigny and Angles-sur-Anglin .

Storming the cliff

Oh, a raptor! Focus on your shots ... Once the top of the cliff, you will enjoy nature at leisure. At the base of the outdoors, you takes you climb the limestone cliffs of the valley of the Anglin area of the Natura 2000 network, isolated from any axis passing through. Your expectations and weather determine the choice of one of five sites maintained by climbing Federation. Each has routes for all levels: beginners and experienced can evolve simultaneously under the watchful eye of the monitor. On the platform at the bottom of the rock, a point is made ​​on the equipment. It is as you have absolutely no risk. Once the ropes, harnesses, carabiners and locking reviewed, it's time to climb.physical strength makes no difference: no need to pull the arm, are the legs that must push yourself. Here the less athletic reassured ... During the half-day practice, climbers carry up and down roping technique more accessible, but also try abseiling. Want more thrills? A second meeting may be the opportunity to experience the rise in mind. Someone assure you, but if you slide the catch is a little less sweet!


  • from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014 (except Sunday - Saturday)

Supervision by a state certified. Monitor 
Reservations, groups of 8 to 12 people. 
For internships, prices on request.


MINIMUMMAXIMUMGroup rateinitiation (2h)from 8 pers.(Price per pers.)
€ 13.80


Climbing public all, from beginners to competition on artificial structures and natural sites. Leisure practice climbing and other mountain activities.


MINIMUMMAXIMUM Full adult fare€ 76.70€ 96.70

Child prices€ 120.40€ 130.40


Want to escape near you? We welcome you from June to September to help you discover the many water sports! With family or friends, from 4 years old, try waterskiing, wakeboarding or towed buoy (2 to 6 people). 
Graduated status, our young and dynamic team is at your disposal 7/7.


  • du 01/06/2014 au 27/09/2014 : from 10:00à 19:00 
    (Tous les jours)

Without interruption, 7/7


Tournon Boating is a club affiliated to the FFCK for the practice of canoe kayak and FFESSM to practice swimming in whitewater.


The canoe kayak practice can be done in leisure and competition compétition.La practice includes participation in the regional section of youth in the categories of small chick, then from Cadet to regional and national competitions also have slalom.Nous a training center for national competitive freestyle high level practice and internationale.Ce welcomes youth center in the region but also from other regions related to their education with college Rostand de Tournon and the Lycée Pasteur in The off white.


Training schedules are

Wednesdays 14Hà16H for school paddling

Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to à19H30 confirmed

Sunday 10Hà12H for leisure and adult

Then from 05/11 to the end of March in the pool.


Hourly freestyle center are

Tuesday AM for school

Wednesdays 14Hà16H

Thursday AM School

Fridays 17H30à19H30

Saturday 14Hà16H



For whitewater swimming the workouts are Tuesday 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.,

then pool from 05/11

Trainings are also held on some Sundays with other regional club.

We also participate in many national and regional competitions, and recreational outings.


Leisure reserved the pleasure of jet ski for beginner or initiated with initiations without a license with an instructor federation 2nd degree. Entag an area of ​​18 h with the possibility of camping weekend, walk or bike around the lake.


  • from 04/15/2014 to 10/15/2014 
    (All day)
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