We live in the countryside known as the Berry region of France,in harmony with the peace and tranquility of nature.

Each season here is clearly defined, spring brings about new life with warm weather, Summer is hot & dry, autumn is a mirage of different colours and winter is a winter wonderland.

The landscape is undulating and is crossed by dozens of streams and rivers. Sweet and friendly as the people who live there. With beautiful vistas to be photographed. 

Here in the south of the Berry, the landscape remains the best preserved. The berry is one of the oldest areas of France.

Pastures are bordered by ancient hedgerows and so does the bird population well.In spring wild hyacinths and orchids bloom. Again and again, other natural fragrances.

But not only flora, while walking you will see deer and their young, birds of prey sitting on electrical poles along the way, if you go out really early you'll maybe see wild boars or a fox.

But France would not be France without culture. The berry has a rich history. The world-famous French writer George Sand was born and her huge list of books she described the people and the fiery nature of the Berry. Her home and visit his grave not far from here in Nohant. It is a true pilgrimage and very rewarding.

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