Fishing Holidays 

The Loire Valley is famous for its hundreds of lakes and most of these, well stocked with fish, are open to the public to use.

On average, it costs between €4 and €6 for 3 lines for a whole day's fishing, with the bonus  of being able to take 2 fish home if you wish.

Some of these lakes are open all year round and it is possible to go NIGHT FISHING at some of them.....

Fishing in the many lakes in the Loire which are teeming with carp, perch, and tench.

The heart of Berry, in the department of  Indre, 
is one of the centres of a considerable national fishing 

With 3000 kilometres of streams and rivers, and literally hundreds of lakes of various sizes, the Indre possesses numerous natural assets which allow the fishermen  a very big choice.

Grouping together fifty two fishing associations in the whole department, the Federation de Pêche of the Indre testifies to much activity:. there are 15,000 members !

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